08/11/2021 UNI.C.A.

Renewal of Health Plans 2022-2023 - Launch of online subscriptions

Today starts the new membership campaign for the UniCA health plans valid for the two-year period 2022-2023.


Similarly to what happened two years ago, the massive subscription process has been brought forward with respect to the start date of the renewed coverage: this is to allow all members to maintain continuity of health coverage and benefit from all services in direct form from 1 January 2022.


You can join through the online application from 8 November 2021 until 5 p.m. on 3 December 2021. No extensions are possible.


We recommend that you review the published documentation so that you can more easily enrol in your chosen plan and activate coverage for your dependents and non-tax dependents family members. In particular, we encourage you to consult the letter signed by the Director and the  Subscription Regulations for 2022-2023 Health Plans, which contain all the relevant information and rules governing membership.


For further support on the main issues of interest relating to the new campaign, a special FAQ document is also available.


We would like to remind you that if you do not join online, employees and exoduses will automatically be assigned the health plan corresponding to their classification, with coverage only including the fiscally dependent family unit (spouse and/or children) already insured in 2021.


According to the provisions of the Private Insurance Code, only persons domiciled in Italy can be insured. This provision is binding for all persons (employees, exoduses, pensioners, survivors, family members) and concerns all insurance cover.


Employees with access to My UniCredit Intranet can join via the following path:

People Focus > Other documents > Supplementary health care > Insurance year 2022.


Other associates who do not have access to My UniCredit (Exoduses, Retired, Survivors, Employees of non-Group companies and Long Term Absentee Employees) can make their choice of membership online through the Reserved Area (Login) of the Uni.C.A. website, after registering, if they have not already done so (a User Manual is available in the Reserved Area, which can be consulted during the registration phase and to resolve any critical issues that may arise during access).


Those who do not have the activation code (necessary to register in the Reserved Area) can request it by e-mail at the following address, attaching a copy of the front and back of their identity document and writing their tax code in the body of the e-mail.


After confirming the choices in the online application (using the Confirm button), the member will receive an email with a summary of the choices made and the annual contribution due.


In addition, the use of the online function, which is faster and more efficient than joining by mail, will allow members to eliminate the time of the so-called "transitional period", i.e. the period during which access to services under the convention (direct form) is reserved only for hospitalisations and cancer treatments.


Retired, Exoduses and Long Term Employees who do not use the online application form will still receive the membership offer by registered mail in February 2022, at their respective addresses in the UniCA archives.


For any clarifications, please refer to the dedicated contacts for each type of member in the "Assistance" section of the  Subscription Regulations for 2022-2023 Health Plans.