01/06/2022 UNI.C.A.

Calling of the Members’ General Meeting to approve the 2021 Annual Report

On 29/4/2022, the Board of Directors of Uni.C.A. approved the 2021 Annual Report and, at the same time, convened the Members' Meeting to be submitted for approval, on first call for 6/6/2022 and, if necessary, on second call for 30/6/2022, with voting opening as of 9/6/2022.


Starting this year, voting can be cast online by all members:

  • UniCredit Group employees will be able to vote via My UniCredit intranet portal;
  • the remaining members (pensioners, survivors, exodus, employees of companies outside the Group, long absent employees of UniCredit Group) will be able to vote through the reserved area of the Uni.C.A. website by following the instructions they will receive by post mail, without prejudice to the possibility of casting their vote in the traditional way, i.e. by mail using the documentation received for the exercise of the vote.


Attached, we publish the 2021 Annual Report, the Regulations and the Voting Circular.