07/11/2022 UNI.C.A.

Intraplan memberships 2022-2023 kick off

As usual, on the occasion of the start of the second year of validity of Uni.C.A. Health Plans, it will be possible for certain categories of members to make a new choice regarding their health cover, including family members to be insured.


Therefore, starting from 7.11.2022 and until 5:00 p.m. on 30.11.2022, through the special online membership procedure, will be able to make the choice:

  • newly appointed executives and executives who have changed Global Band Title. In both cases, the change of classification or GBT must have occurred during 2022 or must be effective 1.1.2023;
  • former executives, if any, who were rehired as QD level 4 during 2022 or will be rehired as QD level 4 from 1 January 2023, who will be assigned Nuova Plus policy (with the option to upgrade to Extra policy for a fee, in each case);
  • new retirees, who become so in 2022 or with effect from 1.1.2023.


We invite all interested parties to read the "Letter from Director", attached to this communication, which contains all the technical/operational information relating to the aforementioned intra-plan application process, including the route for accessing the online application.


In addition, for your convenience, find the attached document " Subscription Regulations for 2022-2023 Health Plans ".