25/10/2022 UNI.C.A.

New Prevention Campaign kicks off

From today the ninth edition of Uni.C.A.'s Prevention Campaign kicks off, even richer than previous editions.


Thus, our Association's commitment to prevention initiatives is resumed after the difficulties in the health sector over the past two years, which have not made it possible to implement them so far.


The new Prevention Program, which is totally free for participants, includes new features:


  • the Prevention Campaign-composed of separate screenings by gender and age group-is enriched with additional examinations and diagnostic tests, aimed at the early detection of oncological and cardiovascular diseases that, throughout life, are more likely to occur at particular stages such as menopause and andropause;
  • the launch, at the same time as the "traditional" prevention campaign, of a specific dental prevention initiative reserved for retired members who will also have the opportunity to access, for any additional dental services not included in the initiative, the agreed rates applied by the service provider Aon Pronto Care.


The validity period of the prevention initiatives is as follows: 25/10/2022- 31/7/2023, with check-ups to be booked by 30/6/2023.


The Prevention Campaign is aimed at all Uni.C.A. members, holders of insurance coverage: employees (excluding Executives with check ups already included in the dedicated coverages), early retirees and retirees. The initiative can also be accessed by their spouses/cohabiting partners more uxorio as long as they are included in coverage and are also employees, early retirees or pensioners of UniCredit Group (or of external companies adhering to Uni.C.A).


We highlight that the Campaign, due to its importance, is enhanced within the caring initiatives that are part of UniCredit's Welfare Reconnect offer.


For all detailed information, we invite you to consult the attached documents:

  • the letter from the Board of Directors, signed by our Chair, explaining the new initiatives;
  • the Uni.C.A./Previmedical operational guide, which describes the instructions for accessing, operationally, the prevention campaign check-ups.


We are waiting for you!